Full technical/scientific support

C.F.M. offers a full package of services related to distribution, in order to support customers under a technical, regulatory and scientific point of view, to the advantage of all the actors of the supply chain. On top, a specialized logistic office dedicated to import/export and on-time deliveries is also present.

and Certifications

Quality is a priority for C.F.M. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and all aspects of Quality Systems are managed by a QA Manager, by a Technical Director and by a Technical Office dedicated to documentary support.

Particular effort is targeted to selection and approval of our suppliers which is performed under principles of Risk Management (often including audits at premises) in order to minimize the risks deriving from hidden flaws.

C.F.M. also works in compliance with Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and HACCP principles.


You can visualize and download our current ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification at this page.

C.F.M. Quality Policy can instead be visualized here.


Nutraceutical market today has reached a high level of complexity and specialization; it is thus recommended that every ingredient’s efficacy is adequately supported by scientific studies.

C.F.M.’s Scientific Support department evaluates and shares, also in form of periodic newsletters, scientific documentation that comes with the nutraceutical ingredients. Moreover this function also considers the implications that scientific studies and EU regulations on efficacy and safety (i.e. Health Claims, Novel Foods and regulations on contaminants) may have on the potential market of the ingredient.

Scientific Support is therefore a useful service for customers that consider  scientific marketing a mandatory instrument for a correct marketing positioning and for successful products.

and Technical Office

C.F.M.’s Technical-regulatory office monitors company’s activities so that standards of quality and safety are met, takes care of technical matters and assists customers’ requests involving pharmaceutical and nutritional raw materials.

Regarding foods and food supplements, what is verified and maintained is compliance of ingredients and raw materials to all EU legislation and regulations concerning safety and quality, i.e. presence of contaminants, solvents, allergens, pesticides, GMO and irradiation.

Regarding pharmaceutical area, DMFs, CEPs, quality questionnaires and agreements and letters of access are managed and, especially in cosmetic area, REACh/CLP compliance for products that require it is also dealt with.

and Warehouse

C.F.M’s logistic department consists of dedicated staff with experience in customs and import/export procedures.

C.F.M. also owns a warehouse located close to the headquarter and managed by qualified personnel. Stock quantities are kept for many product references for a quicker goods turnaround and a faster response to customers’ needs. Pharmaceutical and food/nutritional products are kept in separated areas in compliance with specific regulations (GDP, HACCP etc…).

Cold chain is guaranteed, when necessary, both during warehousing (through dedicated cold rooms) and during shipments up until delivery.


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