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Wellemon™ is an innovative powder extract from lemon fruit, produced by Euromed, with a standardized content of flavonoids.

Compared to usual product extracted from citrus fruits, typically standardized in hesperidin, Wellemon™ is characterized by a standardization in eriocitrin, a flavonoid specifically (but not exclusively) found in lemons; ericitrin has a much higher solubility than the one of hesperidin and this has a significant effect on bioavailability too.

In a recent dedicated clinical study, it was found that eriocitrin is absorbed at significant higher levels that hesperidin as evidenced by superior concentrations of a pool of metabolites in both plasma and urines; moreover, administration of eriocitrin  produces (through interaction with gut microbiota) metabolites usually produced after ingestion of  hespridin (opposite does not happen), which shows that the two metabolic pathways do interact.

Wellemon™’s suggested dosage is 100-300 mg/day and this ingredient is particularly indicated for food supplements in the cardiovascular and blood circulation areas, as for traditional flavonoids but with a greater efficacy thanks to superior bioavailability.


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