Lafti® L10

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Lafti® L10 is a probiotic produced by multinational company Lallemand.  It is a strain of species L. helveticus, fully characterized from a morphological and molecular point of view and for its safety profile.

This strain, which can be defined as non-dairy since it is cultured in a substrate which is devoid of milk derivatives, features a concentration at production of 150 billion CFU/g and has been deposited at belgian strain bank with code LMG S-29851.

In-vitro studies showed good cellular adhesion characteristics and good resistance to gastric pH. Several clinical studies in humans allowed to position this probiotic, besides the traditional use to support balance of the gastrointestinal tract, in the immunity area, particularly in populations that are more susceptible to cold and flu symptoms such as high intensity athletes and young students. In these subjects Lafti® L10 improved immune parameters, i.e. slowing down decrease of salivary IgA, and reduced average duration and number of symptoms per event.

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