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Ubiquinol is the innovative and chemically reduced version of traditional Coenzime Q10 (Ubiquinone). The reduced state confers to the molecule new and importante characteristics, such as:

  • a greatly superior bioavailability
  • antioxidant properties  already available for cells and tissues, without the need for a physiological interconversion.

At cellular level this molecule is key in energy production processes (oxidative phoshporylation) and for scavenging of oxygen radicals (ROS); ROS are extremely reactive molecules which can severely damage biological macromolecules (lipids, proteins and nucleic acids) and tissues, if not efficaciously neutralized. For this reason the organism actively keeps on average 80-90% of the total physiological CoQ10 in the reduced state (energy-consuming activity).

Many clinical studies have been performed to investigate health benefits of ubiquinol and several relevant results have been obtained in energy/aging area, in sport nutrition, in male fertility field and obviously in cardiovascular area: in particular Ubiquinol is a sort of vitamin for heart, a very energy-demanding and oxidative stress-prone organ, and it compensates statin-derived miopathic pain.

Ubiquinol is exclusively produced by Kaneka and it is available as

  • pure raw material powder
  • an encapsulated and water-dispersible 30% powder (P30 powder)
  • powder version for stable beverages (Shiro Q) and tabletting (Shiro QE)
  • 50 mg and 100 mg ready-made softgels.

For more information click here to see a video explanation.



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