Algal DHA

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DHA is a polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) of the Omega-3 series, basic nutrient and essential component of cellular membranes, particularly in nervous and eye tissues; in these districts DHA is responsible of structuraly flexibility and fluidity of the membranes, allowing the correct biological functioning.

Algal DHA is an innovative version produced by fermentation of microalgae of genus Schizochytrium, photoautotroph unicellular organisms which are able to accumulate high levels of this omega-3 in the membranes; further on, after biofermentation, DHA is isolated from crushed algae and purified.
Algal version of DHA is authorized as per Novel Food regulation, it is suitable for vegetarians and allergic subjects, and it is completely devoid from contaminants, since it is produced in closed bioreactors under controlled conditions; furthermore algal DHA has a better organoleptic profile and better environmental sustainability, as compared to traditional fish sources.

Bioplus algal DHA is available as oil at 35% and 40% DHA (also in alternative versions with highly reduced palmitic acid), and in powdered microencapsulated version at 10% or 17% DHA.


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