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Spisar® is a spinach extract, produced by Spanish company Euromed, specialized in high-quality extracts for the industry of pharma and food supplements products.

Spisar® is produced by water extraction, through a process that is vertically integrated – starting from locally sourced spinaches to guarantee safety, control and stability of the supply. It is standardized in 20-hydroxyecdysone (>1500 ppm), a natural ecdysteroid, known for its adaptogenic function and for its role in supporting muscle tone and health, both in amateur athletes and in senior population.

In a recently published clinical study, conduced on a population of 45 subjects with an age >50 y.o., Spisar® increased vs placebo mass and efficiency of muscles, already stimulated by a common regular training program that was prescribed to all the volunteers. Constant physical practice and an adequate nutritional supply are fundamental approaches to reduce severity of muscular decline and sarcopenia, significant conditions in senior population. It has been hypotesized that stimulating action of Spisar® could be at level of ubiquitin/proteasome system, that usually targets to destruction proteins and muscles. Nitrates, also naturally present in Spisar®, stimulate vascularization and  development of muscles and their quality.


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