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Affron® is a high quality saffron extract, produced at a high grade of integration by the Spanish company Pharmactive.

Affron® is obtained only from stigmas of saffron flowers cultivated in Spain, in La Mancha region, under full control of Pharmcative. Harvest is by hand, botanical variety is genetically confirmed and extract is standardized at 3.5% Lepticrosalides, which is the characteristic complex of bioactive substances of saffron, including particularly including crocins and safranal. Concerning saffron, vertical process integration is essential for quality and business continuity reasons, because bioactive substances are particularly susceptible to degradation and because huge amounts of flowers (about 150 thousand) are needed to obtain relatively little amounts of spice (1 kg of dry stigmas) to be further extracted.

Many studies performed in humans  with Affron® confirmed the epidemiological and traditional health effects seen for saffron herbal preparation, and allowed to find an effective dosage of 28 mg/day of Affron® with significant effects on mood, mild depressione and anxiety symptoms and sleep quality.

In a 2017 study different Affron® doses have been compared with placebo on 128 subjects for the effects on state of mood and mental health, through an evaluation with convalidated questionnaires (POMS, PANAS and DASS-21). Outcome of the study showed that 28 mg/day dose significantly improved anxiety, mood and stress as compared to placebo, without adverse effects in treated subject, all affected by bad mood but not depression.

Similar study has been also conducted in young adolescents (12-16 years old) affected by mild symtpmes of anxiety and depression. Treatment with Affron® for 8 weeks improved the health state of the young persons, particularly reducing separation anxiety, social phobia, depression  and generalized anxiety.

In one further, more recent, study conducted in Japan on 21 volunteers for 4 weeks, Affron® proved to be effective in improving quality of sleep (PSQI Questionnaire), particularly in sub-population with experience of bad sleeping quality.


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