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ABG10+® is an extract from Aged Black Garlic (ABG), produced by spanish company Pharmactive.

Garlic is a food with a totally consolidated use and characterized by notable health functionalities (anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory etc…). Pungent flavour and smell and gastro-intestinal discomforts that could happen especially at elevated doses limit the use of this botanical (at least in western world) and the possibility to exploit the benefits attributable to garlic.

Aging process at high temperature and moisture, particularly the proprietary one of Pharmactive, lead to a transformation of garlic  to a black color (Maillard reaction between sugars peptidic components), to a gelly texture and to the disappearance of unpleasant organoleptic features;  allicin (a thiosulfinate) is converted into S-allylcysteine, or SAC (and to S-allylmercaptocysteine). Garlic is subsequently extracted and ABG10+® is standardized to 0.1% SAC, beside containing melanoidins and about 3% polyphenols.

Through mechanisms that are have not been fully elucidated (probably including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential, beside an action on appetite control centers and on use of body fats) ABG10+® acts as a useful ingredient to support cardiovascular health. This activity has been demonstrated in scientific studies performed in vitro and in animal models in which different effects have been observed:

  • a reduction of coronaric and ventricular pressure, and reduced effects attributed to ischaemia+reperfusion in isolated hearts;
  • an increased vascular elasticity observed in tail and aorta arteries, probably mediated by a NO release;
  • a containment of weight increase and of a worsening of lipidemic parameters (cholesterol and triglycerides) induced by high fats and sugars diet, compared to non treated animals.

Clinical studies are also ongoing to evaluate similar effects in humans.

Suggested daily dose is 250 mg.


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